Elton Group

Elton Group and Panguaneta have established a strong reliable partnership since 2005 for the distribution throughout the Australian market.

Established over 70 years ago in Melbourne, Australia; Elton Group is a supplier of high quality Interior Architectural Products. Central to each of our products and our criteria for selecting new products to join our portfolio, is a commitment to environmentally sustainable/worlds best practice sourcing and manufacturing methods.Elton Group is committed to supplying timber veneers and panels in accordance with advanced environmental standards for forests, water utilisation and raw material utilisation.

Since the beginning Panguaneta has found a perfect fit into the Elton Group portfolio. Today we mainly supply products for the most exclusive interior applications, which Elton Group provides with exclusive Woodwall papers, or Alpi collection veneers.

Dylan Kane – CEO Elton Group: "When we came across Panguaneta, we discovered a world of infinite new possibilities to satisfy the increasing demand of high quality products for the furniture industry. Poplar plywood is a beautiful material, and with a great story to tell. Technically perfect for machining, lightweight, unbeatable tolerances, make this product the correct choice for specifiers. Last, award winning PureGlue range combined with EDP – Environment Product Declaration – turn the Panguaneta range to be one step forward to an industry which will see always increasing demand for high sustainable products and low formaldehyde emissions. We expect great success for our cooperation in the coming years and wish all the Panguaneta family a great 60th Anniversary".

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