Imola Legno

Since 1977, the reference point in the Italian wood market segment.

Imola Legno is a leading company in Italy in the trade of forest products from all over the world.

  • 4 warehouses on the Italian territory
  • 150,000 m3 of material ready for delivery
  • 2,800 items in stock
  • Deliveries throughout Italy within 48 hours of ordering
  • Possibility of carrying out mixed or partial loads
  • Wide range of custom-made processes

These are the data that qualify Imola Legno as a partner of excellence, with great availability of materials, choice and, above all, efficiency and prompt service.

Panguaneta - Imola Legno project represents an example of creating a system also and above all among excellence. Creating a system, in this case, therefore means giving content to the idea of "network". When it is decided that the network is the working method of companies, it means that a choice is already made, which is to put aside the idea of hegemonies and choose the idea of collaboration.

And it is precisely this culture of alliance, of collaboration, of creating a system, of increasing our competitiveness through collaboration with strategic partners.

Mauro Azzi, Panguaneta President: "Our company is aiming more and more at wide-ranging agreements with strategic partners that through their structure can bring added value to our name, and at the same time allow us to develop a more widespread distribution that we would not be able to manage directly from the headquarters. Imola Legno represents one of the strategic partners with the highest potential, mainly for the development of our presence in central-southern Italy and in the islands. We strongly believe in this development, also thanks to similar experiences we have built over the years with equally strategic partners in key markets for our products: Germany, Austria, England, United States".

Matteo Poli, Imola Legno CEO, stresses that “today more than ever the need to network is essential. In an extremely fragmented market in terms of products and quantities, RETE between production and distribution / logistics represents the new way of doing business. Companies must learn to join forces to remain competitive by making their excellence available to each other. This partnership is a demonstration of the philosophies and strategic orientations of the two companies".

The distribution project Panguaneta - Imola Legno concerns the following regions: Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia.