12 octobre 2023 / Événements

Panguaparty, the second Family Day of Panguaneta bteween feast and discovery of the ongoing projects for the safeguard of the forests

The second edition of Panguaparty was a very special day dedicated to the employees of Panguaneta and their families.

A “lesson among the trees” taught us something new about the forest and its features thanks to Etifor Experts, who explained the ongoing projects to preserve the wood areas supported by Panguaneta, involving adults and children.

During their greeting, the owners of the company took the opportunity to thank all the participants, updating them on the progress of the running investments, and insisting on the importance of being a strong team to face the future steps towards the organizational development of the company.

The different activities were cheered up by music entertainment and animation for children, with a special treasure hunt created by a group of employees. The goal of the game was exactly the same: teaming up to face every new challenge in the best way!