Poplar cultivation and natural services to respond to climate change.

Thanks to the technical support of Etifor, spin-off of the University of Padua, Panguaneta has been able to make a scientific calculation of the positive effects of the responsible managing of its poplar plantations, with record numbers:

  • 37 hectares dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity, that means almost 61 football fields;
  • 1.866 tons of CO2 stored, equivalent to the annual emissions of 145 Italian families;
  • 123 tons of soil subtracted from erosion, equivalent to 45 African elephants;
  • 352 hectares of areas enhanced for tourism, recreational and landscaping purposes.

In this way Panguaneta s.p.a. has become the first big company in its sector to have obtained with its Azienda Agricola Rosa Anna e Rosa Luigia s.s. the verification of the management impact on four important factors as the preservation of biodiversity, the storage of CO2, the reduction of the erosion of soil and the improvement of the landscape.

"We are really proud of this project and we hope to have paved the way for a new way to intend our engagement for the planet - Miriam Tenca, AD Panguaneta says. We believe in a sustainability of business, with attention at the future, at people, at technologies and open to new forms of cooperation with strategical partners as Etifor and FSC®.
Our challenge is to work in synergy and to open our business to important choices and investments respectful of the environment".