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Panguaneta Fire Sea offshore with Vard (Fincantieri Group)

There is a green bridge connecting the Italian sustainable production of Panguaneta to the deep cold waters of the Norwegian Sea.

The creation of a sustainable future and the safeguard of our environment starts from the protection of the sea, who represents the 70% of our planet’s surface. This is the mission of Vard Group, leader in specialized shipbuilding for the offshore market. Since 2013 Vard Group is part of Fincantieri Group, one of the world's largest shipbuilding groups and absolute excellence of the Italian industry, with over 230 years of maritime history. With three shipyards in Norway, two in Romania, one in Brazil and one in Vietnam, Vard guarantees the highest level of customization for each kind of vessel and can rely on a wide infrastructural net who make it a firm point of reference at international level. Vard Group develops specialized coast guard vessels capable of enduring the most challenging environmental situations, and to operate in all weather and sea conditions, from tropical to polar waters. Their cruise vessels are built to guarantee exceptional passenger comfort and high environmental performance. With their fishing vessels Vard supports fisheries, offering innovative and sustainable solutions. Vard’s highly advanced vessels for the energy industry are also well known and are the best solution for oil, gas and wind sectors, concretely acting for a sustainable use of natural resources.

To offer their customers high-quality furniture and the best comfort on board, Vard can rely on the Norwegian know-how of ShipNor AS, a leading company in naval furnishings since 1906. ShipNor AS combines traditional craftsmanship with deep technological expertise based on the choice of the best raw materials and suppliers. Their furniture is made to last over time, and is present in different areas on board, such as cabins, dayrooms, conference rooms and cinemas. Thanks to a careful selection of the materials used, ShipNor AS guarantees quality, safety, and durability, as well as a stylish design.

ShipNor AS relies on Panguaneta’s plywood for the realization of its projects, thanks to its high performance and ease of processing. Its reference point in Norway is our partner Fritzøe Engros, a leader in the distribution of wood panels in Scandinavia, with whom we have developed a close collaboration that has been ongoing for twenty years now. Thanks to a careful product selection and the collaboration with strategic partners, the Fritzøe Nordic AS group is widely present in the Nordic countries through its subsidiaries (Fritzøe Engros in Norway, DLH Fritzøe and Krydsfinér-Handelen in Denmark, Ljungberg Fritzøe, CEOS Fritzøe and Skivspecialisten in Sweden) and is the key reference point for users seeking reliable, high-end, and technologically innovative products for the furniture, retail, and woodworking industries.

For one of its latest projects, Vard requested ShipNor to find a high-end, versatile, reliable, and safe product, also compliant with the strictest fire safety regulations. The working group composed by ShipNor AS, Fritzøe Engros and Panguaneta Plywood selected the fireproof poplar plywood of the Fire line of Panguaneta for this project. The choice was focused in particular on the FIRE-SEA range, developed by Panguaneta to meet the specific needs of the naval industry.

FIRE-SEA is certified IMO MED and has been developed to suit most of interior applications within the marine industry and following the technical guidelines of the International Maritime Organization. Thanks to an innovative non-toxic impregnation process FIRE-SEA is designed to improve safety and reduce the risk of fire on board of modern ships, vessels, and yachts, relying on the characteristics of quality, lightweight and easy machining of Panguaneta’s plywood.

Jo Andre Herje, Business Development Manager at Fritzøe Engros, says: "The value of this project goes beyond its realization, made possible through the partnerships developed and consolidated over the years, creating a chain of trust based on the sharing of different areas of excellence".

Giorgio Morini, Sales Director at Panguaneta, adds: "We are particularly proud to tell this story. Our commitment to research and development only takes on full meaning when we see the specific needs of our customers satisfied and when we can translate our findings into tangible achievements that add value to their context. We thank especially Mr. Jo Andre Herje for promoting the project and Mr. Otto Hammerø of ShipNor AS for believing in our product".

There is a green bridge connecting Italy to Norway, a bridge built by sharing values, goals, skills, and knowledge. Environmental preservation, value creation, and the pursuit of innovative solutions represent the right course toward our common beacon: a sustainable future.

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