Blok Plaatmateriaal

Panguaneta and Blok Plaatmateriaal: creating the future

We are strongly convinced that the creation of a network of partnerships based on shared values and objectives is a fundamental stimulus for the development of a company.

It is precisely with this spirit that the collaboration with our Dutch partner Blok Plaatmateriaal was born in 2005.

The company was founded in 1981 under the name of Houthandel Blok and was mainly aimed at the sectors of interior design, finishing and furniture. Growth has been fast, and the offer has expanded to decorative coating materials thanks to collaborations and partnerships with the most avant-garde brands.

Since 2013 the name has changed to Blok Plaatmateriaal Beverwijk and the company has been enriched by the new Ede branch.

With two fully automatic warehouses, Blok Plaatmateriaal is today a leader in the distribution of the most innovative and high-end products dedicated to furniture and design.

Panguaneta has found an ideal partner in the Dutch company, with whom it shares the enthusiasm for new solutions aimed at satisfying the highest creative expectations. The common proposal is a reliable and highly performing panel that allows the most innovative ideas of designers and architects to be turned into reality with great added value.

Jan Blok, director of Blok Plaatmateriaal:  “We see our suppliers as our partners, we work with them strategically in order to realize one of our core values, Product Leadership. Quality and delivery reliability are very important to us, but also to our customers.That is why Panguaneta has been a strategic partner for Blok for many years now.”

Like Panguaneta, Blok Plaatmateriaal is also PEFC and FSC certified. The attention to the environment and to the protection of the territory is a further point in common that has always linked the two companies.

We are particularly proud of this partnership: the reality of tomorrow is based on what we can imagine together today.