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Panguaneta has been cooperating for many years with Politecnico di Torino e di Milano, and in particular with its DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT (DAD), that is the reference Institute of the University for all the cultural areas involved in art and science of design, concerning both architectural and urban artifact and product design.

The DAD promotes, coordinates, and manages basic and applied research, training, technology transfer and territorial services with reference to architectural and urban design. The particular attention to sustainability and to the economic and financial dimension concerns restoration design, enhancement, and management of the architectural, urban and landscape heritage, industrial design, both graphical and virtual.

Politecnico is a centre of excellence for education and research in engineering, architecture and design with close relations and partnerships within the socio-economic system.

The cooperation with Politecnico is for Panguaneta a constant inspiration source and a point of reference for innovation and individuation of new strategies of materials development to boost economic growth through a sustainable and competitive industrial system.

The cooperation between Panguaneta and Politecnico testifies to the interest of the Italian industrial world in Materials Engineering and secures a constant comparison between the educational offer and the demands of the labour market. This cooperation represents an important bonding between the academic world, in charge of the educational path, and the industrial world promoting the occupational perspectives of the graduates.

Among the different projects developed by Panguaneta and Politecnico we would like to highlight:

Monalisa workshop - 2013

Maacc – Living module for cycle tourists - 2018

In Luce – Design week Milano - 2019

Sustainable business, opportunity and strategical choice