Carl Götz

Carl Götz Group and Panguaneta have established a strong strategic partnership since 2015.

Two family companies with a very high focus on customer service. Carl Götz Group is a family company with about 700 employees where the Zumsteg family remains loyal to the company founder motto: “acting responsibly like a merchant, but never neglect humanity”. And so moves today Carl Götz all in one line - from the executive floor to the warehouse.

According to the principle “As regional as possible - as central as possible”, with fast response times, short decision-making processes and great customer orientation, through professional action and healthy growth Carl Götz has widely intensified business relationships to improve the product portfolio and strengthen its market position.

The impact of the synergy created with Panguaneta has allowed the market to get access to a wide range of products available in any Carl Götz locations and unbeatable lead-times.

Mauro Azzi, Panguaneta President: "When I reflect over these years of cooperation with Carl Götz Group, I am thrilled and proud of our achievements. Business has been good, we have been growing, with very good results in all segments, making final customers more successful. The relation demonstrated that effective lead-time management is today considered a source of competitive advantage as it can reduce supply chain costs by lowering inventory levels, but is also capable of improving performance and customer service by offering improved product quality service levels".