Hanson Plywood

A successful partnership between two family businesses, with a shared vocation for innovation.

The partnership with Hanson Plywood provides an ideal platform for the presentation of the specialist high quality Panguaneta products to the UK market. Both businesses are committed to gaining an understanding of the definitive requirements of all industries to offer a range of products which are produced to specific manufacturing requirements.

The close working partnership and understanding ensures that customers are always provided with the highest standards of products and service.

The Hanson Plywood product listing is also presented in the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) – Products  Selector service which provides reliable technical advice to architects and specifiers on a range of 'fit for purpose products' which are guaranteed to deliver the performance required.

Hanson Plywood offers the complete range of Panguaneta panel products with a service which is tailored to individual customer requirements.

"Over a period of 33 years our business has steadily grown to become a primary supplier of specialist plywood throughout the UK.
We are always looking to be progressive, helpful, and friendly in the manner we conduct our business and we want to create an enjoyable trading atmosphere when working with us.
The company continually invests in comprehensive staff training to provide a level of technical knowledge and understanding which underpins our services to industry, and ensures expert advice and support is always available for our clientele.
Our company ethos is to identify the very best products and suppliers from around the world to build long lasting partnerships which will stand the test of time and provide mutually beneficial commercial opportunities.
Our partnership and successes with Panguaneta are a perfect example of this!"