Agapecasa - Italy

Sobriety, elegance, experimentation, quality: the Agapecasa codes for objects that have now become true classics of Italian design.

A collection of special objects with which to live and inhabit. Like the CLUB 44 seat, with a poplar plywood structure, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, one of the great protagonists of Italian design of the 20th century, capable of embracing the ideals of the Modern Movement and surpassing them with an experimental and highly original work.

Originally conceived for the renovation of Club 44 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, an armchair with an admittedly architectural flavor, still highly expressive and happily functional today. Clearly stable, surprisingly comfortable, severe but with character, a seat whose design derives from the "Easel" system, and which represents an ideal continuation of less usual types. Here the classic inverted V design, which characterizes the system, becomes the profile of a leg at the top of which the armrest finds the ideal support point, in an overall profile that helps to streamline this small domestic presence, making it even more elegant, dry and austere: in a word, distilled from over fifty years of sedimentation, absolute.

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Furniture, Office equipment
Mantova, Italy