Casa degli Artisti - Italy

A gathering place where artists, creative and inspired people can meet, share ideas and find motivation and support.

A special place where research, training and artistic production melt to create new ideas and visions. All this is represented by the historical “Casa degli Artisti” in Milan.

Founded in 1909 by the Bogani brothers, two patrons in love with art, to host workshops and ateliers, Casa degli Artisti occupies an area of 1250 m2 and is composed by 11 ateliers, an exhibition space, an external green area and a bistrot. The bistrot is the very protagonist of the “Taste” project, whose aim is to re-establish the close connection between food and earth, between gastronomy and knowledge of the territory and of its stories.

The project has been conceived and created by Future Fond of Lorenzo Castellini, co-founder and leader for over twenty years of the cultural organisation Esterni, who has been in charge of the development of projects like Milano Film Festival, Un Posto a Milano in Cascina Cuccagna, Un Posto a Base in ex Ansaldo area in Milan. All his main projects are based on the recovery of forgotten spaces and on the enhancement of their potential. The aim of Future Fond is to start from the earth, from the soil to renew the city and pave the way for its future: “the quality of the place is our strength, in my project I have always started from the spaces” declares Lorenzo Castellini.

In a perspective of urban renewal, the project “Taste” has turned the bistrot into a place dedicated to the discovery of the products, of the taste, of the flavours and of the values of the territory, thanks to a nursery of wild, aromatic and officinal herbs, which can be enjoyed and tasted there.  For the furniture, the choice has fallen on natural materials which are eco-friendly and near to the idea of circular economy.

A dialogue between Casa degli Artisti and the business world has been essential to share the core values and identify the project direction: synergies and common aims are the background of a project who combines the values of tradition with the innovative strength of art and technology.

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Milano, Italy