15 June 2023 / Events

75th anniversary of JAF Group – Celebration and open house in Stockerau

The JAF group, partner of Panguaneta since 1983, will celebrate their 75th anniversary of activity on Saturday 17/06/2023 at the headquarters of Stockerau in Austria. Panguaneta will be glad to take part to the event, which will bring together customers, suppliers, employees and their families in an atmosphere of sharing and celebration. The focus will be on the relationships and collaborations that have accompanied the company founded in 1948 by Mr. Josef and Mr. Antonia Frischeis in the development of a reality composed today of 59 branches distributed in 18 countries.

Unternehmensgeschichte & Entwicklung | J. u. A. Frischeis
The event will also be an opportunity to present the new shared catalog of Frischeis and Panguaneta, which illustrates in detail the characteristics of the products distributed by the Austrian partner. We are particularly proud of the creation of this catalogue, which testifies to the unity of objectives and values of the two companies.
As Frischeis' motto says, “Holz ist unsere Welt”.

Willkommen im JAF-Magazin | J. u. A. Frischeis
A collaboration that has been going on for 40 years, a reality that has exceeded the dream. We feel part of this growth story and wish the whole JAF Group an unforgettable anniversary and a future full of opportunities and new exciting challenges.