19 October 2023 / Events

Panguaneta with Blok Plaatmateriaal and Blok by Carina @ EDIT Napoli 2023

From 06 to 08 October 2023 Naples hosted the fifth edition of EDIT NAPOLI, the important festival of independent design.

The chosen location was a deeply fascinating place, an important centre of Benedictine spirituality in the South of Italy: the State Archives of Naples. This choice was aimed at celebrating the culture and the deep historical roots of Naples by inviting the most creative and inspired designers to represent the magical fusion between tradition and innovation. The main characteristics of the different projects were the choice of state-of-the-art materials, the strong bond to Italian history and the creative craftsmanship. Sustainable production and assembling process were the modern element characterizing all the projects proposed.


Our Dutch partner Blok Plaatmateriaal and the special label Blok by Carina identified in Panguaneta’s poplar plywood the perfect product for this event. Beauty, balance, innovation, and sustainability are the characteristics of the masterpiece of the Chief Creative Officer for Blok Plaatmateriaal Carina Riezebos, unveiled for the very first time at Edit Napoli. “Stellina” (the Italian word for “little star”) consists in a daybed who combines ancient and modern elements, reminding of the Italian craftmanship tradition and making us dream about the future thanks to the choice of ground-breaking sustainable materials.
Its elegant soft lines remind us of the Roman triclinium, while its puzzle-like structure is fully produced in PureGlue™ poplar plywood by Panguaneta. Thanks to its formaldehyde free gluing system, PureGlue™ represents Italian creative excellence and a responsible choice towards the environment and the people.

“Stellina” tells above all the story of the partnership between Panguaneta and Blok Plaatmateriaal, a story of innovative ideas, opportunities to be grasped and a far-sighted vision about a sustainable future. Together we offered Naples our dream, showing how today poplar plywood can represent a revolutionary choice and a promise to future generations.