25 March 2024 / Events

Panguaneta takes part to the event “convention Fibopan 2024” and confirms its cooperation with SAMSE Groupe

On the 5th and 6th March 2024, the second edition of the “Convention Fibopan” event was held in Chateauneuf sur Isère. The event brought together representatives from SAMSE Group’s wood supply chain, specializing in panel distribution.

Established in 1920, the SAMSE Group offers innovative and sustainable solutions in the construction and urban planning sectors, providing comprehensive assistance to customers during the design and implementation phases of new builds and renovations. With a network of 350 retailers, the SAMSE group is widely present across France distinguishing itself in the construction industry through its technical expertise and the innovative features of its solutions. Within the SAMSE Group, FIBOPAN operates as an independent entity, composed by 19 agencies focused on the wood-panel sector, grouped under the banners Mauris Bois, Ollier Bois, Socobois, and Henry Timber. Their aim is to amalgamate different expertise to become the benchmark for the wood sector in France.

For the second consecutive year, Panguaneta participated in the Convention Fibopan as the plywood sector’s reference supplier, further strengthening a relationship rooted in the sharing of experiences and goals. We are proud to support the projects of the SAMSE group and to offer its affiliates our knowledge and our most innovative and high-performing product ranges.

Panguaneta enthusiastically reaffirms its dedication to enhancing its collaboration with the SAMSE Group: building network is essential to offer effective innovation and timely, reliable service to the market.