15 April 2024 / Events

"Meet the Champions 2024": Panguaneta joins the tour celebrating outstanding italian companies

Panguaneta participated in the opening stage of the tour around Italy focused on the stories of some of the 1.000 "Champion" companies, identified through the research conducted by the Italy Post Study Center for the magazine L’ Economia of the Italian national newspaper Corriere della Sera. 
The objective of this tour is to share corporate culture by showcasing exemplary case studies of Italian SMEs that have demonstrated the highest growth levels over the past six years and have exhibited outstanding performance in terms of EBITDA.

The inaugural event occurred on Thursday, April 4th, at Le Village by CA in Parma. After the welcome greetings, Caterina Della Torre, project leader of the Champions 2024 research, delved into an analysis of the current economic landscape. This period is marked by a significant stagnation in growth and a widespread reduction in investments in research and development, all occurring amidst the challenges posed by energy and demographic transitions that the companies are facing. In this scenario, the Champion companies stood out for their skill in anticipating trends and for their exceptional capitalization.

Nicoletta Azzi, CEO of Panguaneta, opened the debate, retracing the sustainability path of the company from Sabbioneta, always committed to process and product certification; this choice has represented one of the strategic levers for the company's growth over time, along with the ability for long-term planning. The preservation and valorisation of poplar is the heart of Panguaneta's sustainability strategy: this Italian raw material, enriches the local landscape and contributes to environmental wellbeing by storing CO2.

Nicoletta Azzi recounted the pivotal stages of the company's evolution, with a particular emphasis on growth and value generation. The history of Panguaneta epitomizes the resilient ethos of the Champion companies—small and medium-sized Italian enterprises spanning various sectors—that have successfully navigated a competitive landscape, prioritizing partnerships with strategic stakeholders.