28 April 2023 / News

Nebopan and Sylvalliance team up

Woodalliance is the result of the alliance between the two groups Nebopan (www.nebopan.fr) and Sylvalliance (www.sylvalliance.com), which will establish a leading group in the trade of timber and timber products, through a network of 240 stores, with a combined share of the French national market of more than 40%.

Under the aegis of the central purchasing CMEM (www.cmem.fr), this alliance will allow all members to access better conditions of purchase and service.

Jacques Barillet, President Sylvalliance and Hervé Auger, President Nebopan say: "we know each other well, we have always had excellent relations, while remaining attached to the identity of our respective groups. Thanks to this alliance, we can increase the level of our services, propose a problem-solving platform among members and continue to reflect together on further synergies for the future".

Giorgio Morini, sales manager Panguaneta: “Panguaneta has for many years been an accredited supplier of the CMEM purchasing plant, and in particular of the Nebopan and Sylvalliance groups. We have always tried to make a significant contribution to the strategic choices of our customers. Our successful business history and international prestige represent a guarantee for all our customers. Panguaneta is recognized worldwide for its characteristics of excellence for the quality of its products and the reliability of its services. The collaboration with all Woodalliance members has given excellent results in recent years, which we hope to develop further. Our strategy has always been to build lasting partnerships that will stand the test of time and provide mutually beneficial business opportunities. Collaboration with Woodalliance members is a perfect example”.