06 December 2023 / News

Not just numbers

2023 was a year full of important events for Panguaneta.
There are numbers that have a special meaning. Numbers that alone can tell a story. Numbers that are not coincidences.

1948: the year of rebirth. The world was reopening its eyes after the nightmare of World War II. People were breathing a new fresh air, which encouraged them to imagine the future and translate it into ideas, projects and inspirations that would make it real. On 26 November 1948, Mr Josef and Mrs Antonia Frischeis founded the timber trading business in Austria, which still bears their name. On 06 September 1948 Mr. Enno Roggemann founded the self-titled company dedicated to the sale of firewood and different kinds of panels based in a rented property in the city of Bremen. 1948 is the year of foundation of North American Plywood Corporation which, with two plants in Santa Fe Springs (CA) and Parsippany (NJ) entered the market as importer and distributor of high-end plywood.

75: In 75 years of activity, the JAF group has become an international company, leader in the distribution of panels, with 59 offices in different European countries. The Enno Roggemann Group has established itself as one of the leading importers and traders of wood panels in whole Germany, with 9 subsidiaries and around 800 employees. After 75 years of constant growth, North American Plywood Corporation has stood out for its offer of high quality customized semi-finished products ready for assembly or installation, counting, among other things, on one of the largest UV coating lines in the country.

2023: A new milestone. After the fear of Covid 19, the upheaval caused by the conflict in Ukraine, the related repercussions on economic balances and the uncertainty caused by the rising inflation, we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of three of our main partners, both in Europe and overseas. This may not be a coincidence, but rather a tangible sign that success and growth are not based on lucky coincidences or particularly favorable conditions, but on resilience, on the ability to react to challenges and seize opportunities. And to create opportunities it is necessary to know how to build deep collaborations, based on shared values and principles. It is necessary to cultivate them with care so that they can develop and grow over time. This is why we join the celebrations of our partners and share all their enthusiasm, trusting that the future has solid roots in our history and in the relationships that weave its plot day after day.